Hello! We are an experienced media team. We love space and know a lot about the industry; we know how to work with figures and analytics and can turn them into interesting stories, articles, and projects. That is why we have created Run2Space - to combine what we love and what we are good at.
So, we can help you with...
Content creation & Digital Storytelling
It doesn't matter whether you need texts for your website, graphs for research, or a presentation for investors. You always tell a story. A good story can sell, it can bring customers, and can attract media. We know a lot about stories and storytelling. We also know how to work with a particular SpaceTech content and turn it into texts, infographics, social media posts, interactive books, games.
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Analytics & Market review
We provide the SpaceTech market assessment. We analyze the market trends and prepare reviews on a regular basis or on demand.

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Data visualization & Data storytelling
People think data and figures are boring. We believe they are exciting! They just need to be presented interestingly. So, if you collect or work with data, it is already your huge advantage. And we can help to push it forward!
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